Rome: Ancient Supercity Infographic and related media

Ancient Rome: Supercity

Rome: Ancient Supercity Infographic

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    The Secrets of Meteorites

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    Broken pieces of asteroids called meteorites contain valuable information about our solar system and planet.

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  • Rob and Dennis Go Bowling
    Rob and Dennis Go Bowling

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    Dennis and Rob get bored with life on their cargo ship in Lake Tangantika, so they decide to have a little bowling competition to pass the time.

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  • Hat Race
    Hat Race

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    It's time to get ready, set, go when Rob and Dennis invite local Zambian women to take part in a special vegetable race.

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  • King for the Day
    King for the Day

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    Dennis wakes up early in the morning in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, to play a little breakfast prank on Rob.

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  • What A Bargain
    What A Bargain

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    While in Cuzco, Peru, Rob and Dennis barter on some produce at a local market.

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  • Segway Jousting
    Segway Jousting

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    Rob and Dennis honor the tradition of jousting knights by hopping on a couple of Segways and squaring off in Kigomo, Tanzania.

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  • How Chocolate is Made
    How Chocolate is Made

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    See how the Hershey plant in West Hershey, PA produces a variety of favorite chocolate products.

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  • Drugs

    Video Clip (1:07)

    Timothy Dickinson tells us about the history of drugs.

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  • Jurassic Fight Club: Chicken and T-Rex Link
    Jurassic Fight Club: Chicken and T-Rex Link

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    Dinosaur George explains how the fearsome T-Rex is related to the common chicken.

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  • Jurassic Fight Club: Defensive Weapons
    Jurassic Fight Club: Defensive Weapons

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    Prey dinosaurs had their own measures of defense against attack.

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