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One hundred fifty years after the American Civil War began, HISTORY™ presents The Civil War Today, a groundbreaking app created exclusively for the iPad. Explore every phase and aspect of America’s bloodiest conflict with daily updates that unveil the events in real time over the course of four years.

The Civil War Today leverages the iPad multi-touch interface, enabling subscribers to delve into thousands of original documents, photos, maps, diary entries, quotes and newspaper broadsheets like never before.

App Features

  • This Day in Civil War History

    Get daily Civil War updates from April 12, 2011 through April 26, 2015.

  • Quote of the Day

    Read compelling quotations from the men and women who lived through the war.

  • In the Headlines

    Explore every page of historic newspapers from each day of the conflict.

  • Day in the Life

    Through their letters and personal diaries, follow the lives of 15 people who experienced the Civil War firsthand.

  • Photo Gallery

    Check out a stunning collection of original images from the period in high-resolution.

  • By the Numbers

    Get a unique spin on the war through surprising facts and figures.

  • Battle Maps

    Follow in the soldiers’ footsteps with historic battlefield maps.

  • Casualty Counter

    Measure the true cost of the war through the lives that were lost.

  • North South Quiz

    Test your Civil War knowledge with the daily North vs. South quiz.

  • Game Center Integration

    Earn Civil War era appropriate achievements for your engagement with the application.

Help and Support

Have a problem or suggestion? Shoot us an email about feature requests, bug reports, or general help or questions.

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    Civil War in One Word

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    If you had just one word to describe the Civil War, what would it be?

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  • Chamberlain Defends Little Round Top
    Chamberlain Defends Little Round Top

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    Union Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine Regiment make a daring downhill charge to defend Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg.

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  • Lee at Gettysburg
    Lee at Gettysburg

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    In the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, 3,000 Union soldiers prepare to face the onslaught of 60,000 advancing Confederate soldiers.

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  • Civil War's Greatest Myth
    Civil War's Greatest Myth

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    What you think you know about the Civil War may not be the whole truth.

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  • Grant or Lee?
    Grant or Lee?

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    Which of the admired Civil War generals would you want to lead your army?

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  • Civil War Tech
    Civil War Tech

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    See how the Civil War prompted a quantum leap in warfare technology.

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  • Legacy of the Civil War
    Legacy of the Civil War

    Video Clip (1:22)

    One hundred and fifty years after it began, the Civil War is still an important component of our national character.

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  • Lincoln's Most Pivotal Speech
    Lincoln's Most Pivotal Speech

    Video Clip (3:02)

    Which of President Lincoln's many eloquent speeches was the most important?

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  • After the Emancipation
    After the Emancipation

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    Four million slaves were formally freed when the Emancipation Proclamation took effect on January 1, 1863, but with the Civil War still raging, their future was far from certain.

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  • Civil War Biological Warfare
    Civil War Biological Warfare

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    Confederate agents experiment with an early version of bio-warfare, attempting to spread yellow fever throughout Northern cities.

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    Faces of the Civil War

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    The Library of Congress recently acquired a rare collection of nearly 700 Civil War-era ambrotype and tintype photographs, donated by the Liljenquist family.

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  • Civil War: Artifacts
    Civil War: Artifacts

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    Explore Civil War artifacts, from medical kits and personal hygiene items, to carbines and currency.

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  • General Howell Recounts Civil War Experience
    General Howell Recounts Civil War Experience

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    In a recorded interview in 1947, 101-year-old General Julius Howell recalls fighting as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War and the moment he heard about Lincoln’s assassination.

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  • WAC Recruits Take Oath of Enlistment
    WAC Recruits Take Oath of Enlistment

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    An October 28, 1943, oath ceremony grants to women who had served in the military the official membership of the Armed Forces. Though women had established a long record of military service dating to the early 1900s, it wasn't until the Women's Army Corps bill was signed into law on July 1, 1943, that they received full status.

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  • Korean War Progress Report
    Korean War Progress Report

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    Upon his return from the Far East, Supreme Commander of U.N. forces Gen. Matthew Ridgeway addresses a joint session of Congress on April 22, 1952, and recounts stories of Allied bravery on the battlefield.

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  • Allies Liberate Bastogne
    Allies Liberate Bastogne

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    In a broadcast on December 29, 1944, Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe recounts the 101st Airborne’s victory against overwhelming odds at Bastogne, Belgium.

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  • U.S. Goals in World War II
    U.S. Goals in World War II

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    In his speech delivered July 23, 1942, Secretary of State Cordell Hull explains the aims of the United States in World War II.

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  • War Report on B-29 Use
    War Report on B-29 Use

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    Brig. Gen. H.S. Hansell delivers a report in June 1944 on American B-29 bomber strikes against Germany and Japan.

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  • Schwarzkopf on Liberation of Kuwait
    Schwarzkopf on Liberation of Kuwait

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    Once President George H.W. Bush declares that "Kuwait is liberated" and Iraq's army defeated, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf holds a press conference on February 27, 1991, and expresses his admiration for the U.S. troops.

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  • General Patton's Homecoming
    General Patton's Homecoming

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    On June 9, 1945, Los Angeles honored Gen. George S. Patton with a homecoming parade upon his return from Europe after Germany’s surrender. In an address at the City Hall ceremonies, Gen. Patton, in his trademark colorful language, describes the destruction wrought by the Eighth Air Force and Third Army.

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  • U.S. Army Prepares South Vietnam for American Withdrawal
    U.S. Army Prepares South Vietnam for American Withdrawal

    Audio Clip (2:04)

    From his station in Saigon, Vietnam, on October 25, 1973, Col. Gerald M. Steinberg reflects on the difficulties encountered as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prepared to transfer jurisdiction to ARVN, Army of the Republic of Vietnam, following the Vietnam War ceasefire signed on January 27.

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  • Impact of U.S. Withdrawal on South Vietnam
    Impact of U.S. Withdrawal on South Vietnam

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    Following the January 27, 1973 signing of a ceasefire agreement to end the Vietnam War and the subsequent departure of U.S. troops, the U.S. military prepared the South Vietnamese to take over operations. A U.S. officer who remained in Vietnam to help with the transition is interviewed on October 11, 1973, about the process of bolstering South Vietnam's economy and self-sufficiency.

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