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We have diverse cultures, varied traditions and we speak many languages, yet across the globe people share two things in common: our past and our future.

HISTORY invites young people across the world to join us for MANKIND CONNECTED: A Global Teach In. In conjunction with the new 12-hour epic series Mankind The Story of All of Us, premiering on November 13, this live online event will explore our shared human story by learning about UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout the world.

What is a World Heritage site, and what makes each so important? What are the keys to our history, and how can we map the future by learning more about the past? This Teach In will feature a panel of historians and special guests, with participation from students around the world.

Registration is free. The Teach In will be broadcast live and archived for later viewing for those unable to watch live. To view the webcast, simply log on to at 12pm ET/9am PT on November 8 to watch the presentation as it unfolds.

Check out the series premiere of Mankind The Story Of All Of Us on Tuesday, November 13 at 9/8c in the U.S. (Check local listings for international premiere dates).

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