Monticello Explorer courtesy the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and related media

Monticello Explorer courtesy the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

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  • Home Automated Living
    Home Automated Living

    Video Clip (2:59)

    In this Modern Marvels video clip, listen as Timothy Shriver, President of Home Automated Living (HAL), talks about the electrical device that you can plug into your computer and give voice-activated commands to do anything electrical in your home.

    Video Clip (2:59)
  • Future Gadgets Improve Safety
    Future Gadgets Improve Safety

    Video Clip (2:21)

    Garage gadgets like the Car Bubble, the Park Zone, and the Magnetic sweeper are all positioned to help better protect your car. This Modern Marvels video short looks to the future for great garage gadgets.

    Video Clip (2:21)
  • Will

    Video Clip (2:04)

    Mike and Frank sweat it out and earn their finds while picking an attic of a turn of the century home in Ohio.

    Video Clip (2:04)
  • Danny Bean
    Danny Bean

    Video Clip (2:28)

    Mike takes his nephew picking to one of their favorite collectors, Danny Bean. They teach Rhesa the ups and downs of being a picker when they discover a rare spark plug-cleaner, a weather vein, and an antique car they can't figure how to get out of the clutter.

    Video Clip (2:28)
  • Bears in the Burbs
    Bears in the Burbs

    Video Clip (2:06)

    MonsterQuest tracks wild bears as they invade the suburbs of New Jersey.

    Video Clip (2:06)
  • On the Road with Libby O'Connell: Sewall-Belmont House
    On the Road with Libby O'Connell: Sewall-Belmont House

    Video Clip (0:58)

    Dr. Libby O'Connell talks about the fight for women's equality at the Sewall-Belmont House in Washington, D.C.

    Video Clip (0:58)
  • Teddy Roosevelt's Family
    Teddy Roosevelt's Family

    Video Clip (3:58)

    Discover the family life of Theodore Roosevelt and their home in Oyster Bay, Long Island named Sagamore Hill.

    Video Clip (3:58)
  • Inside Nebraska's Arbor Lodge
    Inside Nebraska's Arbor Lodge

    Video Clip (3:39)

    Did you know how Arbor Day was founded? This America Castles video on the Arbor Lodge in Nebraska unravels the story. Julius Sterling Morton and the Nebraska Agricultural board declared the first Arbor day on April 10, 1872.

    Video Clip (3:39)
  • Tour Oklahoma's Marland Estate
    Tour Oklahoma's Marland Estate

    Video Clip (3:53)

    Steel and oil tycoon, E.W Marland spent over five millions dollars building and decorating a house that he only lived in for thirty days in Ponca, Oklahoma. Marland was forced out of his own company, and never lived in the main house again.

    Video Clip (3:53)
  • Visit Houston's Beer Can House
    Visit Houston's Beer Can House

    Video Clip (2:57)

    When John Milkovisch retired from the railroad in 1968, he used 50,000 beer cans to decorate every aspect of his house. It is now operated by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.

    Video Clip (2:57)

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    Learn the secrets of America's most recognizable residence.

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