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shot heard round the world

What was the “shot heard round the world”?

On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition ...

What does it mean to call someone a “Benedict Arnold”?

Shortly after the Revolutionary War broke out in April of 1775, Benedict Arnold set out as captain of the Connecticut Militia Company to join the ...
betsy ross

Did Betsy Ross really make the first American flag?

Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross formed an indelible mark in our nation’s history for making the first American flag. But is the account of her contribution to ...
Why is the Liberty Bell cracked

Why is the Liberty Bell cracked?

In 1751, the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly—part of the state’s colonial government—paid around 100 pounds for a large bell to hang in its new ...