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Was Sherlock Holmes based on a real person?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective with the knack for solving crimes through observation and reason was modeled after Dr. Joseph Bell, one of ...

Why do British monarchs have two birthdays?

There are many advantages and responsibilities that come with being the reigning monarch of England, but one surprising perk is getting two birthdays each ...
anne boleyn

Did Anne Boleyn have extra fingers?

Wild rumors and speculation have always surrounded the life of Anne Boleyn, the young noblewoman who became King Henry VIII’s second wife in 1533 only to ...

What is the Magna Carta?

Hundreds of years before American colonists revolted against the crown, rebel nobles in England drafted the Magna Carta to curtail the power of their own ...

Why was Stonehenge built?

Although it’s one of the world’s most famous monuments, the prehistoric stone circle known as Stonehenge remains shrouded in mystery. Built on ...
King Arthur

Was King Arthur a real person?

We’ve all heard stories about King Arthur of Camelot, who according to medieval legend led British forces (including his trusted Knights of the Round ...