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What does it mean to call someone a “Benedict Arnold”?

Shortly after the Revolutionary War broke out in April of 1775, Benedict Arnold set out as captain of the Connecticut Militia Company to join the ...

Were witches burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials?

In January 1692, a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts became consumed by disturbing “fits” accompanied by seizures, violent ...

What was the first capital of the United States?


Where did poker originate?

The game we know as poker is believed to have ancient roots that go back nearly 1,000 years, crossing several continents and cultures. Some historians say ...

Did the founding fathers wear wigs?

Where did the dollar sign come from?

Where did the dollar sign come from?

If you're wondering where the dollar sign ($) came from, you're in good company.
Why do coins have ridges?

Why do coins have ridges?

Ever wonder why some coins have those little ridges along their sides? The answer goes back to 1792, when the Coinage Act established the U.S. Mint. That ...
Why is the Liberty Bell cracked

Why is the Liberty Bell cracked?

In 1751, the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly—part of the state’s colonial government—paid around 100 pounds for a large bell to hang in its new ...