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Author: History.com Staff


Last World War I Combat Veteran Dies

Claude Choules, a resident of Australia who also served during World War II, died Thursday at 110.


Slideshow: 50th Anniversary of the First American in Space

Fifty years ago today, Alan Shepard became the first American and the second person to fly into space.


Video: The Empire State Building Turns 80

Eighty years ago on Sunday, Herbert Hoover dedicated New York’s Empire State Building, the world’s tallest skyscraper at that time.


Did Homo Erectus Craft Complex Tools and Weapons?

Homo erectus groups in China 700,000 years ago weathered the cold by making spears and tools, a new study suggests.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana

How Conventional Was Charles and Diana’s Wedding?

The nuptials of Prince Charles and Lady Diana have come to represent the archetypal royal wedding, but there are some ways in which the event broke the mold.


Slideshow: Remembering Chernobyl

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, considered the worst disaster of its kind.

Royal Weddings of the House of Windsor

Video: Royal Weddings of the House of Windsor

As the one-week countdown to the royal nuptials begins, get into the spirit with a look back at some of the House of Windsor’s most memorable weddings.


CIA Declassifies Invisible Ink Recipes and Other Spy Documents From World War I

The CIA has declassified World War I-era documents that contain invisible ink formulas, instructions for steaming open envelopes and other spying techniques.


Study Shows William Was Medieval England’s Most Popular Name

William was the most common male name by a wide margin in 13th-century England, according to an important medieval record known as the Henry III Fine Rolls.

Civil War Portraits

Civil War Photos Go on Display at the Library of Congress

A new Library of Congress exhibition presents a rare and poignant collection of recently donated Civil War photographs.


What Did the Vikings Look Like?

Researchers have recreated the face of a Viking woman who died some 1,000 years ago, offering what may be the most accurate representation yet of a living, breathing Viking.


30 Years of the Space Shuttle Program

On the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle program, we take a look at its three decades of exploration, innovation and drama.


The History of Ballpark Food

With baseball season back in full swing, we take a look at classic ballpark snacks like hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jack.