History Stories
The Improbable Prohibition Agents Who Outsmarted Speakeasy Owners
January 16, 2018

Meet Izzy and Moe, the Prohibition era’s canniest crimebusters. Read More

When Eggnog Sparked a Riot at West Point
December 19, 2016

Think the office holiday party got a little out of control? That was nothing compared to the alcohol-fueled Christmas celebration at West Point 190 years ago that turned into a riot. Read More

A Brief History of Presidential Drinking
February 13, 2015

Explore the boozy history of America’s chief executives with the author of a book on presidential vices. Read More

Ability to Digest Alcohol Played Key Role in Human Evolution
December 4, 2014

Researchers have found that human ancestors developed the ability to digest alcohol around 10 million years ago—and it may have been key to their survival. Read More

France’s Green Fairy Flies Again
May 4, 2011

After a century-long ban, France has legalized absinthe, a potion with a rich history that artists once prized for its supposed hallucinogenic effects. Read More