CATEGORY: American Revolution
10 Things You May Not Know About the Battle of Bunker Hill
June 17, 2015

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Did North Carolina Issue the First Declaration of Independence?
May 20, 2015

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Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” Speech, 240 Years Ago
March 22, 2015

On the 240th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s stirring words at the 1775 Virginia Convention, take a look back at the speech that included the famous line, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Read More

The Boston Massacre, 245 Years Ago
March 5, 2015

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10 Things You Should Know About Joseph Warren
January 22, 2015

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The Real-Life Haunts of the Sons of Liberty
January 20, 2015

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The Court-Martial of Paul Revere
April 18, 2013

Four years after Paul Revere’s midnight ride, a military disaster left the famous patriot under arrest and facing charges of insubordination and cowardice. Read More

235 Years Ago, Washington’s Troops Made Camp at Valley Forge
December 19, 2012

On December 19, 1777, 11,000 Continental Army regulars marched into Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to set up winter quarters during the Revolutionary War. Read More

10 Things You May Not Know About the Boston Tea Party
December 14, 2012

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The Midnight Ride of William Dawes
April 18, 2012

While Paul Revere rode into history on April 18, 1775, his fellow rider, William Dawes, galloped into undeserved oblivion. Read More