CATEGORY: Ancient Egypt
Thermal Scan of Egypt’s Pyramids Reveals Mysterious Hot Spots
November 11, 2015

Researchers using thermal cameras to scan the Egyptian pyramids have identified several intriguing anomalies, including one in the pyramid of Khufu, better known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Read More

4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Manuscript Found
September 14, 2015

A 4,000-year-old, approximately 8-foot long leather manuscript, the oldest and longest of its kind ever found, was rediscovered in a museum storage space in Cairo. Read More

10 Little-Known Facts About Cleopatra
August 12, 2015

Cleopatra's remembered as one of the most brilliant and alluring figures of antiquity, yet many of the details of her life are either unknown or clouded by myth. On the anniversary of her death, learn 10 surprising facts about the fabled Queen of the Nile. Read More

Scientists Reveal Inside Story of Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies
May 12, 2015

British scientists have uncovered a secret at the heart of ancient Egypt’s large cache of animal mummies—many of them contain no animal remains at all. Read More

Painting Called the “Mona Lisa” of Ancient Egypt is Likely Fake
April 2, 2015

An Italian researcher has concluded that a painting some have called the ancient Egyptian equivalent of DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” is probably a fake. Read More

Ancient Egyptian Brewery Unearthed in Israel
March 30, 2015

Shards of Egyptian-style ceramic vessels used to brew beer some 5,000 years ago have been discovered buried under a construction site in the heart of Tel Aviv. Read More

Beard on King Tut’s Mask Snapped Off, Glued Back On
January 27, 2015

Egyptian Museum workers accidentally snapped the beard off King Tut’s burial mask and then used epoxy to glue it back. Can the damage be repaired? Read More

Archaeologists Discover Egyptian Tombs Belonging to Osiris and a Long-Forgotten Queen
January 5, 2015

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient burial sites in Egypt, one belonging to a previously unknown queen and the other to the god of the dead. Read More

Egyptian Cemetery May Contain a Million Mummies
December 19, 2014

According to archaeologists, a cemetery in central Egypt may contain 1 million mummified human bodies, making it the largest necropolis ever found. Read More

“Virtual Autopsy” of King Tut Paints Unflattering Picture
October 22, 2014

Researchers believe he had a club foot, buck teeth and a feminine physique, along with multiple diseases. Read More