CATEGORY: Archaeology
Archaeologists Unearth “Greek Pompeii” in Sicily
November 10, 2015

Much like at Pompeii, archaeologists uncovering the ancient Greek city of Selinunte have found a once-thriving metropolis frozen in time. Read More

Michigan Farmer Digs Up Woolly Mammoth Bones in Field
October 7, 2015

A Michigan farmer reaped a startling harvest last week when he unearthed the partial skeleton of a prehistoric mammoth in his wheat field. Read More

Medieval Skeleton Rises from Grave With Uprooted Tree
September 17, 2015

When a violent storm toppled a 215-year-old tree in Ireland, a creepy surprise was discovered entangled in its roots. Read More

British Police Warn “Nighthawks” to Stay Away From Hadrian’s Wall
February 13, 2015

Authorities say “nighthawking,” or illegal metal detecting, near the ancient Roman fortification known as Hadrian’s Wall is destroying Britain’s national heritage. Read More

Vast Underground City Found in Turkey May Be One of the World’s Largest
December 30, 2014

A newly discovered complex of carved rooms and tunnels may prove to be the largest of the many mysterious ancient underground cities in Turkey’s Cappadocia region. Read More

Gang of Robbers Nabbed While Looting Ancient Cave in Israel
December 9, 2014

Six men caught looting historical artifacts from an ancient desert cave in Israel last weekend may have been searching for undiscovered Dead Sea Scrolls. Read More

Famed “Lucy” Fossils Discovered in Ethiopia, 40 Years Ago
November 24, 2014

On November 24, 1974, scientists in Africa unearthed the skeleton of one of humanity’s oldest ancestors, a pint-sized Australopithecus they nicknamed “Lucy.” Read More

Archaeologists Uncover 5,000-Year-Old Human Footprints in Denmark
November 13, 2014

Scientists excavating a site on the Danish island of Lolland recently uncovered two sets of footprints that they believe were made by Stone Age fishermen. Read More

Evidence of Gruesome Ancient Ritual Unearthed in Denmark
July 31, 2014

Danish archeologists have found evidence that the bodies of a vanquished Iron Age army were ritualistically desecrated as part of a grisly religious sacrifice Read More

Roman Ruins in Britain Hailed as “Pompeii of the North”
July 25, 2014

New discoveries at an ancient fort in County Durham offer an 1,800-year-old glimpse into daily life in Roman Britain. Read More