CATEGORY: British History
The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewels
May 9, 2016

Get the story behind how legendary rogue Thomas Blood bluffed his way into the Tower of London and nearly made off with the British crown jewels. Read More

Long-Lost Anglo-Saxon Island Found Under English Field
March 3, 2016

A metal detector hobbyist has led British archaeologists to find the remains of a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon island hidden beneath a barley field. Read More

British Royal Navy’s Most Decorated Pilot Dies at 97
February 24, 2016

During a more than 30-year career, Royal Navy test pilot Eric Brown survived 11 crashes, became the first man to land a jet on an aircraft carrier and flew more types of airplanes than anyone in history. Read More

9 Things You Should Know About the Wars of the Roses
May 22, 2015

Explore nine key facts about the bloody feud that permanently altered the course of British history. Read More

British Police Warn “Nighthawks” to Stay Away From Hadrian’s Wall
February 13, 2015

Authorities say “nighthawking,” or illegal metal detecting, near the ancient Roman fortification known as Hadrian’s Wall is destroying Britain’s national heritage. Read More

Magna Carta Worth $15 Million Found in Archived Scrapbook
February 9, 2015

For more than a century, an original edition of the Magna Carta lay forgotten in a Victorian-era scrapbook in the archives of the British coastal town of Sandwich. Read More

Winston Churchill’s Funeral, 50 Years Ago
January 30, 2015

Fifty years after Great Britain said farewell to Winston Churchill, look back at the largest state funeral the world had ever seen up to that point in time. Read More

New Richard III Mystery Comes to Light
December 3, 2014

In analyzing the newly found remains of Richard III, geneticists have uncovered evidence of adultery among at least one of his relatives. Read More

The London Beer Flood
October 17, 2014

On October 17, 1814, a brewery accident unleashed a deadly tidal wave of beer through a London neighborhood in one of history’s strangest disasters. Read More

Roman Ruins in Britain Hailed as “Pompeii of the North”
July 25, 2014

New discoveries at an ancient fort in County Durham offer an 1,800-year-old glimpse into daily life in Roman Britain. Read More