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The Biggest Losers: Dinosaurs Slim Down With Lasers

New research shows that dinosaurs weighed significantly less than previous estimates.

Dinosaur Arthritis

Arthritisaurus: Did Elderly Dinos Get Inflamed Joints?

Research suggests the marine reptiles known as pliosaurs got arthritis, and their dinosaur contemporaries might also have suffered from the condition.

Yutyrannus huali

T. Rex Cousin Was Largest Known Feathered Animal

A giant dinosaur that roamed China 125 million years ago is the largest feathered creature known to science, a new study reports.

Dinosaur Nests

Oldest Known Dinosaur Nesting Site Was Also a Nursery

Researchers have unearthed the oldest known dinosaur hatchery, where prosauropods laid their eggs and guarded their young 190 million years ago.


Flirting With Dinosaurs

Did dinosaurs flirt? The answer seems to be yes, at least in the case of the oviraptor.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Size

Tyrannosaurus Rex Goes Up a Size

Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the largest land predators that ever lived, was even bigger than previously thought, according to a new study.

Dinosaur Feathers

Feathers in Amber Shed Light on Dinosaur Plumage

Amber deposits from the Late Cretaceous have revealed new clues about the structure, color and function of dinosaur feathers.

Boremys Turtle

Survivors in a Half Shell: Turtles Withstood Dinosaur Die-Out

When an earth-shattering event triggered mass extinctions 65 million years ago, some turtles weren’t even shell-shocked, a new study suggests.


Dino Temperature Puzzle: Scientists Get Warmer

Large dinosaurs had warm blood but were not necessarily warm-blooded, according to an innovative new study.

Protoceratops Eye Socket and Ring

Jurassic Dark: Study Suggests Dinosaurs Hunted at Night

A new study offers persuasive evidence that dinosaurs hunted at night, challenging prevailing assumptions that they were mostly active by day.


T. Rex Cousin Discovered in China

Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, one of the largest theropod dinosaurs in history and Tyrannosaurus rex’s long-lost relative, has been identified in China.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Cannibal Clues Worsen Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Bad Rap

Tyrannosaurus rex may have had a taste for its own kind, according to a new study.