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CATEGORY: Donald Trump
Just How Divided Are Americans Since Trump’s Election?
November 8, 2017

Five historians dissect the country's divisions in the era of Donald Trump. Read More

JFK Files: Cuban Intelligence Was in Contact With Oswald, Praised His Shooting Ability
October 27, 2017

Here are the 10 most revealing highlights from the 2,800 newly declassified JFK assassination files. Read More

This Wasn’t the First Time Football, Protest and Politics Have Mixed
September 25, 2017

When NFL players took a knee and locked arms this weekend, it wasn't the first time athletes have taken a stand on issues of racial injustice. Read More

13 TV Moments That Defined the American Presidency
September 25, 2017

The history of commanders on camera. Read More

The Surprising Trump–Truman Connection at the United Nations
September 22, 2017

Trump, who has been inconsistent in his stance on the U.N., praised a historic example of American cooperation with its allies. Read More

The Hundred Days, What Does It All Mean?
April 28, 2017

Should we judge a president by their first 14 weeks in office? Read More