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CATEGORY: Halloween
The Sweet Relationship Between Daylight Saving Time and Halloween
October 31, 2017

It wasn't always this bright outside for trick-or-treaters on the go. Read More

Halloween Was Once So Dangerous That Some Cities Considered Banning It
October 25, 2017

Violence and vandalism were once as traditional as candy and costumes. Read More

Thank This Man For Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume
October 19, 2017

Ben Cooper made Halloween costumes easy. Read More

How Americans Became Convinced Their Halloween Candy was Poisoned
October 16, 2017

These chilling candy poisonings might make you rethink trick-or-treating. Read More

Monsters in the White House: The Best Presidential Halloween Costumes
October 12, 2017

The White House has been celebrating Halloween since the days of Eisenhower. Read More

How Donald Duck and Peanuts Saved Trick-or-Treating
October 10, 2017

Not even the effects of World War II could stop this Halloween pastime. Read More