History Stories
Why the World’s Oldest Hereditary Monarchy Just Allowed the Emperor to Resign
June 9, 2017

Japan’s parliament has cleared the way for Emperor Akihito to abdicate his throne, while leaving open the long-running question of whether to allow women to reign. Read More

The Man Who Survived Two Atomic Bombs
August 7, 2015

Some 260,000 people survived the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, but Japanese engineer Tsutomu Yamaguchi was one of the very few who endured the horror of both blasts and lived to the tell the tale. Read More

Attack of Japan’s Killer WWII Balloons, 70 Years Ago
May 5, 2015

Japan’s bizarre WWII plan to bomb the continental U.S. by high-altitude balloons claimed its first and only victims, an Oregon church group, 70 years ago. Read More

WWII’s Largest Battleship Revealed After 70 Years Underwater
March 17, 2015

After an eight-year search, a research team sponsored by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has discovered the shipwreck of the massive Japanese battleship Musashi. Read More

6 Things You Should Know About Tokyo
July 8, 2013

Discover some surprising facts about the Japanese capital. Read More

The Akutan Zero: How a Captured Japanese Fighter Plane Helped Win World War II
June 4, 2012

While the Battle of Midway raged, Allied fighters in the Aleutian Islands quietly captured a Japanese fighter plane that helped them win World War II. Read More

Did Lead Makeup Poison Samurai Kids & Topple Japan’s Shogunate?
September 21, 2010

A recent study of samurai families' remains suggests that lead-based makeup may have contributed to the decline of Japan's Edo period. Read More