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CATEGORY: Marine Life
The Real-Life “Jaws” That Terrorized the Jersey Shore
July 1, 2016

It wasn’t safe to go back in the water of the Jersey Shore in 1916, as a series of deadly shark attacks forever changed Americans’ attitudes toward the sea creatures. Read More

Scientists Discover Two Giant New Late-Triassic Creatures
March 24, 2015

In the past week, scientists have announced the discovery of a human-sized salamander and a giant “butcher” crocodile, both of which lived some 230 million years ago. Read More

Scientists Identify Scottish Fossil as Jurassic-Age “Marine Lizard”
January 12, 2015

A 170-million-year-old fossil found on Scotland’s Isle of Skye represents a newly identified species of prehistoric marine reptile, researchers say. Read More

Scientists Probe Mystery Behind Chile’s Ancient Whale Graveyard
February 26, 2014

A new report provides insight into the amazing graveyard of fossilized whale skeletons unearthed during the construction of a Chilean highway. Read More

Prehistoric Crocodile-Like Species Discovered in Texas
February 4, 2014

Texas Tech University scientists have unearthed evidence of a previously unknown species of ancient crocodile-like creatures. Read More

From Fins to Feet? Ancient Fish Reveals Link
January 14, 2014

Fossils of an ancient fish found in the Canadian Arctic suggest that the hind legs of four-legged animals actually developed in the water, as enhanced fins. Read More

Legendary Sea Giant Discovered
October 18, 2013

A snorkeling science instructor discovers a dead 18-foot, 200-pound oarfish and drags it to land. Read More

Scientists Discover World’s Largest Fish
August 27, 2013

Thanks to a nearly complete skeleton found buried in an English quarry, the giant Jurassic-era Leedsichthys has grabbed the title of world’s largest fish. Read More