History Stories
Water Flows on Mars’ Surface, NASA Scientists Say
September 28, 2015

NASA scientists announced today that they have strong evidence that water periodically flows on the surface of Mars, boosting the possibility of life there. Read More

Ancient Mars Could Have Harbored Life, Rover Finds
March 13, 2013

An analysis of rock dust by the Curiosity rover suggests that life could once have thrived on the Red Planet. Read More

Water Once Flowed on Mars, Rover Pictures Suggest
October 1, 2012

NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected powerful evidence for fast-flowing tributaries on the Red Planet in the form of ancient streambeds Read More

Mars and Martian Mania: A Brief History
August 9, 2012

As NASA’s rover Curiosity continues the quest to find life on Mars, explore five key events that piqued the public interest in the Red Planet. Read More

Life on Mars?
June 15, 2010

Three and a half billion years ago, Mars was home to a vast ocean fed by scores of rivers and lakes, according to one study. Read More