Scientists Make Biggest Breakthrough in Quest to Find Life Beyond Earth
February 23, 2017

Scientists have discovered a new solar system, consisting of seven warm, rocky planets orbiting the dwarf star Trappist-1, just 39 light years from Earth. Read More

Remembering the Apollo 1 Tragedy
January 26, 2017

When NASA’s first fatal spacecraft accident occurred 50 years ago, it happened not in deep space but right on the launch pad. Read More

Human Computers: The Women of NASA
December 13, 2016

Their calculations would chart the course of many ground-breaking space missions, yet their stories remain mostly unknown. Get the story behind the women mathematicians, engineers and scientists working at NASA. Read More

7 Things You May Not Know About John Glenn
December 8, 2016

Check out seven things you might not know about John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth. Read More

Study Links Apollo Astronauts to Cardiovascular Deaths
July 28, 2016

A new study reports that Apollo astronauts have experienced elevated rates of cardiovascular-related deaths, likely because of exposure to deep space radiation. Read More

11 Things You May Not Know About Scott Kelly’s Year in Space
March 7, 2016

As astronaut Scott Kelly readjusts to life on Earth, explore some fascinating facts about his record-breaking year in orbit. Read More

Remembering the Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast
November 23, 2015

On Christmas Eve 1968, Apollo 8’s astronauts captivated the world with a live broadcast from lunar orbit. Read More

Kickstarter Funds Neil Armstrong Spacesuit Repair
August 5, 2015

The Smithsonian has turned to crowdfunding to raise $500,000 to restore the spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong on the moon. Read More

NASA Displays Challenger and Columbia Wreckage
August 3, 2015

For the first time, the public can now view debris from the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles, along with poignant personal mementoes representing the astronauts. Read More

NASA Space Probe Makes Historic Pluto Flyby
July 15, 2015

After a journey of nine years and some 3 billion miles, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by the dwarf planet Pluto and its five moons yesterday morning. Read More