CATEGORY: Paleontology
Giant “Siberian Unicorn” and Humans May Have Roamed the World Together
March 31, 2016

Russian paleontologists found that an ancient rhino species known as the “Siberian unicorn” likely existed for hundreds of thousands years longer than previously thought. Read More

Michigan Farmer Digs Up Woolly Mammoth Bones in Field
October 7, 2015

A Michigan farmer reaped a startling harvest last week when he unearthed the partial skeleton of a prehistoric mammoth in his wheat field. Read More

Scientists Discover Two Giant New Late-Triassic Creatures
March 24, 2015

In the past week, scientists have announced the discovery of a human-sized salamander and a giant “butcher” crocodile, both of which lived some 230 million years ago. Read More

Mass Extinction Occurred Much Faster Than Previously Thought
February 20, 2014

Some 252 million years ago, the planet’s largest mass extinction took place in only around 60,000 years -- almost instantaneously, relative to geologic time. Read More

The Biggest Losers: Dinosaurs Slim Down With Lasers
June 6, 2012

New research shows that dinosaurs weighed significantly less than previous estimates. Read More

Arthritisaurus: Did Elderly Dinos Get Inflamed Joints?
May 15, 2012

Research suggests the marine reptiles known as pliosaurs got arthritis, and their dinosaur contemporaries might also have suffered from the condition. Read More

Feathers in Amber Shed Light on Dinosaur Plumage
September 15, 2011

Amber deposits from the Late Cretaceous have revealed new clues about the structure, color and function of dinosaur feathers. Read More

Dino Temperature Puzzle: Scientists Get Warmer
June 24, 2011

Large dinosaurs had warm blood but were not necessarily warm-blooded, according to an innovative new study. Read More

Cannibal Clues Worsen Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Bad Rap
November 5, 2010

Tyrannosaurus rex may have had a taste for its own kind, according to a new study. Read More