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CATEGORY: Presidential Elections
What’s Next for 2018?
December 15, 2017

Our team of historians, experts and thought leaders have come up with lessons of the past to help us understand the future. Read More

Three of the Most Damning Secrets Dug up in U.S. Elections
October 25, 2017

Think 'oppo’ research is something new? Think again. Read More

That Time a Foreign Government Interfered in a U.S. Presidential Election—in 1796
March 16, 2017

After George Washington’s administration concluded a treaty with Great Britain in 1795, France decided it was time for a change at the top of the U.S. government. Read More

The History of the Electoral College Debate
December 13, 2016

Debate over the system used to choose the president and vice president of the United States is as old as the U.S. Constitution itself. Read More

Woman in White: Hillary Clinton’s Suffragette Tribute
October 21, 2016

The candidate’s final debate outfit paid homage to the long struggle for women’s equality. Read More

Afghanistan and Iraq War Vets Help Revive Whig Party
November 12, 2013

Get the facts about the modern version of the 19th century political party whose members included four U.S. presidents and a young Abe Lincoln. Read More

The Truman-Dewey Election, 65 Years Ago
November 1, 2013

On the 65th anniversary of one of the greatest upsets in American politics, get the story on President Harry Truman’s unexpected re-election victory over Thomas Dewey. Read More

8 Things You May Not Know About Presidential Inaugurations
January 21, 2013

Explore eight surprising facts about presidential inaugurations. Read More

A Tour of Lesser-Known Presidential Inaugural Sites
January 18, 2013

As Inauguration Day approaches, explore seven locations other than the U.S. Capitol where presidents have taken the oath of office. Read More

9 Things You May Not Know About the Electoral College
December 17, 2012

Thought the U.S. presidential election was over on Election Day? Read More