CATEGORY: Shipwrecks
Divers Stumble on Treasure Trove in Ancient Roman Shipwreck
May 17, 2016

Two recreational divers recently discovered a stunning collection of artifacts that went down with a Roman cargo ship off the coast of Israel some 1,600 years ago. Read More

Civil War-Era Shipwreck Found Off North Carolina Coast
March 11, 2016

Experts believe the large iron-hulled wooden steamer ship recently discovered off the coast of North Carolina may be a Confederate blockade runner sunk during the Civil War. Read More

In Search of Czar’s Treasure, a Return to the Wreck of RMS Republic
February 22, 2016

In 1909, the luxury liner RMS Republic collided with another ship and sank off the coast of Nantucket, taking with it what some believe was a fortune now worth more than $1 billion. Read More

Shipwrecks from Great Whaling Disaster of 1871 Found Off Alaskan Coast
January 8, 2016

Marine archaeologists recently discovered what they believe are the wrecks of two 19th-century ships that formed part of a fleet sunk off Alaska’s northwestern coast nearly 150 years ago. Read More

Legendary Billion-Dollar Shipwreck Found Off Colombian Coast
December 8, 2015

Colombia has announced the discovery of the wreck of the Spanish galleon San José, which could hold the world’s largest sunken treasure, worth as much as $17 billion. Read More

Archaeologists Find 22 Shipwrecks Off One Greek Archipelago
November 4, 2015

A joint Greek-American archaeological expedition recently turned up 22 ancient shipwrecks in one 17-square-mile area around the Fourni archipelago in the eastern Aegean. Read More

Spanish Armada Cannons Recovered Off Irish Coast
August 4, 2015

Divers have recovered cannons and other relics from a Spanish Armada warship that sank off the coast of Ireland more than 400 years ago. Read More

Treasures From Spanish Galleon Sunk in 1622 Set For Auction
July 13, 2015

Part of the large cache of treasure recovered from the wreck of a 400-year-old Spanish galleon near the Florida Keys will go on auction early next month. Read More

Relics of Long-Lost Shipwreck Unveiled
June 4, 2015

A collection of artifacts recovered from the wrecked HMS Erebus in Canada’s Queen Maud Gulf are all that remains of Sir John Franklin’s doomed expedition to the Arctic in 1845. Read More

WWII’s Largest Battleship Revealed After 70 Years Underwater
March 17, 2015

After an eight-year search, a research team sponsored by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has discovered the shipwreck of the massive Japanese battleship Musashi. Read More