Remembering “Roots”
February 11, 2016

Nearly 40 years after the premiere of “Roots” captivated the nation, take a look back at the cultural phenomenon and its lasting legacy. Read More

New DNA Techniques Help Scientists Find Origins of African Slaves
February 5, 2016

Thanks to advances in genetic technology, scientists are using DNA from long-buried human remains to trace the origins of African slaves brought to the New World. Read More

Underground Railroad Conductor Pardoned 168 Years After Conviction
November 3, 2015

Inside the same room where he was convicted in 1847 for helping fellow African-Americans escape slavery, Samuel Burris yesterday received a pardon from Delaware’s governor. Read More

Congress Passes 13th Amendment, 150 Years Ago
January 30, 2015

Look back 150 years ago when Congress approved the 13th Amendment, which officially abolished slavery in the United States. Read More

Lincoln’s Peoria Speech, 160 Years Later
October 16, 2014

Find out more about the speech that resuscitated Abraham Lincoln’s political career and launched him towards the presidency, 160 years ago today. Read More

The Amistad Slave Rebellion, 175 Years Ago
July 2, 2014

On its 175th anniversary, take a look back at the mutiny that galvanized the abolitionist movement. Read More

Deeper Roots of Northern Slavery Unearthed
June 25, 2014

An investigation has revealed that one of Colonial New England’s most aristocratic families participated in the slave trade. Read More

Solomon Northup After His “12 Years a Slave”
October 28, 2013

With Oscar buzz building around "12 Years a Slave," find out more about the mysterious life of protagonist Solomon Northup. Read More

Frederick Douglass Escapes Slavery, 175 Years Ago
September 3, 2013

On the 175th anniversary of the escape of Frederick Douglass from slavery, look back at how the famed abolitionist became a free man. Read More

Harriet Tubman’s Daring Raid, 150 Years Ago
May 31, 2013

One hundred and fifty years after one her most daring achievements and 100 years after her death, find out some surprising facts about Harriet Tubman. Read More