CATEGORY: Native Americans
The FBI’s First Big Case: The Osage Murders
April 24, 2017

Best-selling author David Grann talks about his new book that details one of the most chilling murder conspiracies in American history and the FBI’s first major homicide case. Read More

Army Corps of Engineers Confirms Kennewick Man is Native American
May 2, 2016

Engineers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have determined based on DNA analysis that the ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man is related to modern Native Americans. Read More

Ancient DNA Tells Story of Native American Devastation
April 7, 2016

By analyzing the DNA of the earliest Americans, a new study confirms the devastating impact of European contact on the indigenous peoples of the New World. Read More

Who was Stand Watie?
June 24, 2015

Get the story behind the controversial Native American chief Stand Watie who was the last remaining Confederate general in the field during the Civil War. Read More

Native American Activists Occupy Alcatraz Island, 45 Years Ago
November 20, 2014

On the 45th anniversary of the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz, learn how a group of rebel activists took over America’s most notorious prison for more than 19 months. Read More

World War I’s Native American Code Talkers
May 29, 2014

In the closing days of World War I, Choctaw Indians pioneered a new type of military intelligence. Read More

Ancient Infant’s DNA Provides Key to Native American Ancestry
February 13, 2014

A new genetic study links Native Americans from both North and South America to the Clovis culture, which flourished in North America around 13,000 years ago. Read More

Remembering the Proclamation of 1763
October 7, 2013

King George III’s Proclamation of 1763, issued 250 years ago today, proved to be just the first of a series of British actions that led to the American Revolution. Read More

6 Things You May Not Know About Tecumseh
October 4, 2013

On the anniversary of Tecumseh’s death, get the facts on the legendary Shawnee war chief. Read More

Who’s Buried in Sacagawea’s Grave?
December 20, 2012

Sacagawea reportedly died 200 years ago today, but a gravestone in Wyoming tells a much different story. Read More