Civil War Week 2013 Preview

By History.com Staff

All this week HISTORY commemorates the 150th anniversary of two of the most significant clashes of the American Civil War–the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg—with a fresh slate of daily articles, original videos, interactive features, a great deal on our award-winning mobile app and more. Each day we’ll feature new, original articles and exclusive video examining various aspects of the battles and their impact on both the war and American history.

Watch our exclusive short-form video series featuring top Civil War historians and the full-length, Emmy® Award-winning docudrama “Gettysburg,” produced by filmmakers Tony and Ridley Scott. Visitors can also take a deeper dive into some of the key figures involved in the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg with our broad collection of topical and biographical articles.

Check out one of our favorite Civil War videos below, and don’t forget to come back daily for fresh content:

If you had to describe the Civil War in just one word, what would it be?

History in the Headlines (Monday, 7/1 – Friday, 7/5)
We’re kicking things off with a closer look at the civilian cost of war—in particular, the life (and death) of Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade, the sole civilian casualty at the Battle of Gettysburg. Later this week we’ll tackle the Union defense of Little Round Top, explore how the Battle of Gettysburg changed America forever, examine the impact of the fall of Vicksburg and take a deeper look at a different kind of Civil War “battle”—the New York City Draft Riots, the largest civil insurrection in American history.

HISTORY Lists (Tuesday, 7/2)
Often overshadowed by the massive loss of life in the fields of Pennsylvania, Ulysses S. Grant’s victory at Vicksburg was a key turning point in the war, dividing the Confederacy in two and ceding control of the Mississippi River to the Union. We’ll take a closer look at the siege of Vicksburg and see how it stacks up against other famous military sieges throughout history.

Ask HISTORY (Wednesday, 7/3)
Antietam or Sharpsburg? Manassas or Bull Run? What you call a battle has nearly everything to do with where you grew up. We’ll get to the bottom of one of the Civil War’s greatest mysteries: Why do so many of the battles of the War Between the States have two names?

Hungry HISTORY (Friday, 7/5)
What’s hardtack and why did soldiers on both sides of the divide refer to small cubes of food as “desecrated vegetables?” We’ll dig deep into the knapsacks of Civil War troops to find out more about battlefield foods.

Civil War Today iPad App
For a limited time, you can download the groundbreaking Civil War Today app for just 99 cents. The app lets users explore America’s bloodiest conflict through documents, photographs, diary entries and maps updated daily, unveiling the events of the war in real time.

Civil War 150 Interactive
Visitors can also check out the award-winning Civil War 150 interactive, which includes highlights on the 150 most important people, places, events and technologies of the war, and was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in its Civil War Sesquicentennial permanent collection.

Give 150™
In commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, HISTORY invites the public to help preserve and protect Civil War sites and stories through the Give 150™ national campaign. Give 150™ donations go directly to the Civil War Trust and the National Park Foundation, both non-profit 501 (c) 3 organizations, to help protect Civil War sites and lands, and support their interpretation. Launched in 2011, Give 150 has already raised nearly $200,000.

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