Introducing Bet You Didn’t Know

By Barbara Maranzani

As we’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, we’ve been working on a ton of content in support of the new six-part series Mankind The Story of All of Us, including videos, infographics, unique social media experiences, original articles and more. We’ll be rolling out this content over the coming weeks, but we’re thrilled to present one of our favorite pieces: Bet You Didn’t Know™, a collection of hundreds of fascinating facts covering all aspects of history. The interactive lets you browse facts at random, sort by theme, share with friends and even check out the BYDK Top 20, our most popular facts.

Check out history.com/facts to dive in.

For example, we bet you didn’t know that:Bet You Didn't Know interactive
Or that:Bet You Didn't Know Fact 2
Also check out the Bet You Didn’t Know™ app for both phone and tablet devices. It includes all of our BYDK content, plus exclusive videos, photos and infographics from the show. Oh, and it’s free!Bet You Didn't Know App

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