Mankind The Story of All of Us: Week 3 Preview

By History.com Staff

The epic journey of Mankind The Story of All of Us continues this Tuesday at 9/8c. Among the topics covered this week is how money developed around the world. In that spirit, here’s some of our favorite new content for this week.

The Story of Money Infographic

Get the facts on the earliest forms of money and the origins of the U.S dollar, discover which country created the first paper money, and find out how the Inca created a great empire—without using money at all.

Below, check out some new web exclusives from Mankind The Story of All of Us.

Mankind Exclusive: Salt
How did salt become one of the most valuable commodities in much of the world?

Mankind Exclusive: Salt
Find out how the Spanish discovery of silver in the Americas led to the rise of global trade.

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