Mankind The Story of All of Us: Week 4 Preview

By History.com Staff

HISTORY’s six-part series Mankind The Story of All of Us continues this Tuesday at 9/8c. This week, we’re hitting the road (or the water) as mankind begins the fabled Age of Exploration. Here are some of our favorite content for this week’s episode, New World.

Age of Exploration: Life on the Open Seas Infographic
Life was pretty difficult for a sailor in the Age of Exploration—and bad pay and long hours were just the start of it. Rotten food and scurvy were commonplace, and if the diet didn’t kill you, there were plenty of other things that could.

Below, check out some of this week’s exclusive video from Mankind The Story of All of Us.
Web Exclusive: Columbus
Get the story on how Christopher Columbus unknowingly discovered the New World.

Web Exclusive: Fur Trade
Find out how high demand for animal pelts led to exploration in North America and Siberia.

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