Our Favorites From Around the Web

By History.com Staff

Three weeks ago, we listed some of our favorite features on History.com. Below you’ll find 10 of our picks from around the web—check them out!

1. Letters of Note
This site features amazing letters, postcards, telegrams and memos sent by or to historical figures and famous people. Some recent examples: a rant from a disdainful kid to the Rolling Stones, a love letter from a grieving widow in 16th-century Korea and a note from a wounded Ernest Hemingway to his family.

2. New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery
We’re based in New York City, so we love this collection of photographs, maps, videos and audio recordings documenting the Big Apple’s long and vibrant history.

3. Our Presidents Tumblr
The National Archives publishes this Tumblr of photos, links and facts related to the U.S. presidents. Check out Eisenhower’s dog tag, an audio clip featuring JFK and John Jr., a letter from Amelia Earhart to FDR and much more.

4. Historicalstuff Videos from Thegingerguy1997
We don’t know much about this redheaded British teen, except that he makes creative and hilarious videos about history. Whoever you are, Ginger Guy 1997, look us up when you get out of school and are seeking a job!

5. Shorpy
Yes, we know they’re far from authentic, but these colorized historical photos are pretty neat.

6. Library of Congress
Any self-respecting list of history links has to include the website of the Library of Congress. Take a look at their blogs and incomparable prints and photographs collections.

7. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Nobody has better images than NASA. For a taste of what the agency has to offer, start with the picture of the day.

8. Wonders & Marvels
One of our contributors, Beth Dunn, writes for this multi-author blog covering a wide range of historical topics. Its monthly contributors include writers of history books and historical fiction.

9. FiveBooks
Looking to become an authority on the Russian Revolution, the Korean War, Byzantium or baseball? FiveBooks interviews experts to identify the five books to read on any given subject.

10. History Infograhics on Visual.ly
Data visualization site Visual.ly presents a selection of history-related infographics from various sources.

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