Our Favorites on History.com

By History.com Staff

To celebrate the launch of our new blog, we’d like to share five of our favorite links on History.com. We’re especially proud of these features and think they represent the best of what our site has to offer. Check out the list below, and stay tuned for our picks from elsewhere around the web!

1. Ultimate History Quiz

The Ultimate History Quiz is one of the most popular features on the site. It’s fast, entertaining and simple. It’s also highly addictive and an incredibly easy way to pass the time—trust us; some of us have spent hours lying on the couch playing on our phones. You can download the UHQ “app” here. This summer, we organized a “Play the Staff” event in which we challenged our fellow history fans (and each other) for bragging rights. We just hope you have as much fun playing as we do!

2. Civil War 150

A few years ago, with the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War approaching, we wanted to tackle this complicated—and sometimes dry–topic in a way that would be informative, but also fresh and exciting. One day, after chatting about which Civil War generals we would (or wouldn’t) want to be named after, we started a list of the 150 things everyone should know about the Civil War. We then created a series of infographics that highlighted its most mind-boggling aspects. We met with our favorite historians and authors to get their take on what subjects to include, dug up some truly crazy and fascinating facts (did you know that “pinkeye” was listed as the official cause of death for at least one Union soldier?) and came out of it with a much richer understanding of both the causes of the war and its lasting impact on our nation 150 years on.

3. Titanic By the Numbers

Earlier this year we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster in a number of ways. We wrote a series of articles that covered different aspects of the tragedy, we tweeted the events of April 1912 in real time and we produced a new infographic that gives viewers a fresh look at one of history’s most legendary events. Engrossing, visual infographics like this one have become some of our favorite new features on the site, and we can’t wait to produce more of them.

4. Thank a Vet
Last year, we launched a campaign designed to honor the men and women of our armed forces for their contributions and sacrifices. As part of this outreach program, we produced a series of videos in which dozens of Americans (including HISTORY staff members) were able to share their own stories of friends, family members and loved ones, thanking them for their service. To keep the message going, we set up a permanent Twitter feed that allows anyone to send a quick message of thanks to all our servicemen and women. Earlier this year, in commemoration of Memorial Day, we donated $1 for every tweet sent with the hashtag #thankavet, raising over $25,000 for America’s VetDogs, a nonprofit organization that provides guide and service dogs to our disabled veterans. This is a cause that we all care about deeply, and we were proud to do our small part. We truly believe it’s never too late to say thank you.

5. Deconstructed: Eiffel Tower
This video is part of our Deconstructed web series, which basically breaks down people, places and things into quick, digestible facts and figures. The Golden Gate Bridge, the American flag, Spartan warriors, Tyrannosaurus rex… There’s a ton of them, and they’re all both fun and packed with information. This one stands out because the music really makes us feel like we’re in the City of Lights.

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