History Stories
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Nix
9 Famous Presidential Retreats
June 2, 2017

Commanders in chief seeking refuge from Washington politics and weather have retreated to destinations across the U.S. map, from the Jersey Shore to Southern California. Read More

6 Famous Congressional Investigations
May 9, 2017

Find out the first-ever congressional investigation and other probes into organized crime, illegal spying and a famous tragedy at sea. Read More

9 Things You Should Know About the Vice Presidency
April 7, 2017

Read More

6 Epic Family Feuds
December 16, 2016

Find out about six epic family feuds. Read More

9 Presidential Pets
December 14, 2016

As the famous saying goes, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Find out more about America’s presidents and their pets. Read More

7 Things You May Not Know About the Medicis
November 16, 2016

Find out more about the Medici family, who encouraged the careers of such luminaries as Michelangelo and Galileo and whose members included popes, queens and a long line of dukes. Read More

At Least 3,000 Native Americans Died on the Trail of Tears
August 12, 2016

Check out seven facts about this infamous chapter in American history. Read More

8 Things You May Not Know About Route 66
July 27, 2016

Explore the celebrated roadway, which was made obsolete by high-speed interstates and decommissioned by the federal government in 1985—although much of it remains drivable today. Read More

5 Lost and Found Historic Treasures
May 2, 2016

Find out how these three priceless objects were recovered and learn how stolen items associated with Walt Whitman and King Croesus also have happy endings. Read More

7 Historical Hoaxes
March 31, 2016

From Drake’s Plate of Brass to the Archaeoraptor fossil, explore seven fascinating historical hoaxes. Read More