Hungry History

Author: Libby O'Connell

george washington

Lunch With Libby: A Founding Father’s Favorite Food

Dr. Libby O’Connell shows how you can recreate George Washington’s favorite breakfast meal.


Lunch With Libby: Baked Alaska

HISTORY’s chief historian explores the origins of one of the greatest culinary creations of the Gilded Age.

Hangtown Fry

Lunch With Libby: Hangtown Fry

Next time you cook breakfast, whip up a delicious Gold Rush dish with a colorful history.


Lunch With Libby: Tofu

HISTORY’s chief historian explores the history of tofu in China and America.


Lunch With Libby: Peas

HISTORY’s chief historian fills us in on green peas, which were served by the Romans and beloved by Thomas Jefferson.