Hungry History

Author: Stephanie Butler

kids menu

From Prune Whip to PB&J: The Evolution of Kid’s Menus

The arrival of kid’s menus on the restaurant scene represented a new era both in dining, and in American attitudes towards children.

hungry history sushi in america

Nigiri to California Rolls: Sushi in America

Although sushi in some form has been part of Japanese culture for well over a thousand years, it didn’t make it to American shores until 1966.

The Hindenburg's dining room

Dirigible Dining: Food on the Hindenburg

During its brief time in service, the transatlantic aircraft carried hundreds of passengers in comfort and style.

tv chefs

Lights, Camera, Action: The First TV Chefs

Long before Emeril Lagasse and even Julia Child, folks were learning the ins and outs of cuisine from their televisions.


A Rare History of the Steakhouse

This week we’ll take a look at an American institution that traces it roots back to 19th century New York

state foods

America’s State Foods

Did you know that New York has a state muffin and that Jell-O is the state snack of Utah?

space food

Cosmic Cuisine: The Evolution of Space Food

What did astronauts eat on their celestial voyages? From dehydrated spaghetti to bacon cubes, the answers might surprise you.


Sky-High Sourdough: Expensive Vittles in Gold Rush Fields

Why did the discovery of gold in California lead to a dramatic rate of inflation in the cost of food itself?


Pandowdy, Buckles, Slumps and Grunts: America’s Forgotten Apple Desserts

While the names of these dishes aren’t as familiar to us these days, at one time they were the most popular desserts in America.

Story of Food Carts

From Chuck Wagons to Pushcarts: The History of the Food Truck

This week we’ll take a look at the surprisingly long history of mobile dining.

Intoxicating Foods

The Natural High of Intoxicating Foods

This week, we’re looking at some very different foods that share a common, but unusual, trait.

story of the sandwich

The Story of the Sandwich

Would you believe that Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches a day?