Hungry History

Author: Stephanie Butler


Celebrating Alaska’s Statehood With Food

In honor of the 55th anniversary of Alaska’s admittance to the Union, take a look at some traditional Alaskan food.


Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve: An American Tradition

Find out how Irish immigration brought this dish to the Christmas table.


The Medieval History of the Christmas Cookie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when cooks around the country take to their kitchens to bake cookies galore.

The Origins of the Mysterious Green Bean Casserole

This mixture of canned soup, frozen green beans and fried onions has graced holiday buffets since the 1950s. But who came up with this trinity, and why has it become so famous?


A History of Popcorn

This week, we’ll take a look at the story behind this popular snack, and discover that there’s more beneath that hard husk than meets the eye.

The President and Mrs. Kennedy attend a dinner on May 5, 1962 for President Houphuet-Boigny, of the Republic of Ivory Coast. (Credit: Kennedy Library)

Fifty Years Ago: The Food of the Kennedy White House

To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr, Hungry History takes a special look back at the food of the Kennedy White House.


Turkey Talk: The Story Behind Your Thanksgiving Bird

Let’s talk turkey. This week, we’ll examine some little known facts about the turkey to gobble up along with your Thanksgiving feast.

Edward Kidder’s Pies: The First Cooking School

Cooking knowledge has been passed down since the first human thought to grill meat over a fire, but formal culinary schools are a much more recent invention.


The Halloween Pumpkin: An American History

Did you know that the association of pumpkins with Halloween is a very recent phenomenon?


Eat Like an Egyptian

From grains like emmer and kamut to cloudy beer and honey-basted gazelle, this week’s Hungry History focuses on the meals of ancient Egypt.

White House Museum

Presidential Palates: White House Menus

If the adage is true, and we really are what we eat, then there’s much to be learned from White House menus.


Starving Soldiers at Valley Forge

Put yourself in the shoes of a soldier in Washington’s army, preparing to spend a winter in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.