Hungry History

Author: Stephanie Butler

hot dog

Break Out the Buns: The History of the Hot Dog

The hot dog is the quintessential summer food: cheap, tasty, great for grills and forgiving of even the most inexperienced backyard cooks. But who made the first hot dog?

richmond bread riots

Bread or Blood: The Richmond Bread Riots

Find out what made Southern women take to the streets during the American Civil War.

Frozen History: The Story of the Popsicle

Believe it or not, the mind behind this summer indulgence wasn’t a marketing honcho, or even a chef – it was an 11-year-old boy.


The Surprising History of Punch

It’s the chosen summer drink of thousands of thirsty kids every day, and the chosen rum-based tipple of Charles Dickens himself.


Lip Smackin’ Good: Southern Barbecue

This week we’ll take a look at the rich history of Southern barbecue, and all its delicious regional variations.


Buy Me Some Gyoza and Bento Boxes: Japanese Ballpark Food

Baseball is wildly popular in Japan, and though the game is almost the same, the stadium food is very, very different.


Desecrated Vegetables: The Hardships of Civil War Eating

When you think of military food, the word “delicious” doesn’t often come to mind. We’re’re taking a look back at the food that fed hungry troops, both the blue and the grey, during the American Civil War.

Jelly Doughnut

I Am a Jelly Doughnut–Or Am I?

Fifty years ago this month, John F. Kennedy made either the most important speech of the Cold War era or the most well known pastry-related blunder of all time.

Thousand-Year Eggs

Unscrambling the Thousand-Year Egg

They may not really be 1,000 years old, but century eggs have a long history.

Anglo-Indian Cuisine

A Spot of Curry: Anglo-Indian Cuisine

Explore the strong influence of Indian cuisine on the English food scene, and try out a recipe for mulligatawny soup.

Dangerous Foods

Dangerous Foods

From maggot-infested cheese to the exotic puffer fish, adventurous eaters have their pick of risky delicacies.


Ode to a Haggis: The History of Scotland’s National Dish

Get the rich history behind a dish many love to hate.