Hungry History

Author: Stephanie Butler

Dangerous Foods

Dangerous Foods

From maggot-infested cheese to the exotic puffer fish, adventurous eaters have their pick of risky delicacies.


Ode to a Haggis: The History of Scotland’s National Dish

Get the rich history behind a dish many love to hate.

Easter Foods

Easter Foods, From Lamb to Eggs

How did lamb, eggs and chocolate become part of the Easter tradition?


Matzo, Matzo, Matzo: A Passover Tradition

The plain Passover flatbread known as matzo shows its sweeter side.

Corned Beef

Corned Beef and Cabbage: As Irish as Spaghetti and Meatballs

Corned beef and cabbage may be the classic St. Patrick’s Day meal, but that doesn’t mean it’s traditionally Irish.


A Brief History of Chopsticks

From their humble beginnings as cooking utensils to paper-wrapped bamboo sets at the sushi counter, there’s more to chopsticks than meets the eye.

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With a Box of Chocolates

Where does the tradition of presenting loved ones with Valentine’s Day chocolates come from?


Off the Spice Rack: The Story of Pepper

Once a highly valuable spice, pepper has influenced regional cuisine the world over.


Off the Spice Rack: The Story of Salt

Not just tasty but essential for life, salt has a long and tumultuous history all its own.

Hoppin' John

Hoppin’ John: A New Year’s Tradition

In the Southern United States, Hoppin’ John—a simple, delicious dish of peas, pork and rice—is standard New Year’s fare.

Yule Log

The Delicious History of the Yule Log

‘Tis the season for rich food traditions, including that of the Christmas Yule log.

Train Foods

Dining Across America in Rail’s Golden Age

Find out how Americans dined while riding trains from coast to coast.