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state foods

America’s State Foods

Did you know that New York has a state muffin and that Jell-O is the state snack of Utah?


Jiggle It: The History of Gelatins, Aspics and Jellies

Gelatin’s popularity stretches back centuries and spans continents.


Pandowdy, Buckles, Slumps and Grunts: America’s Forgotten Apple Desserts

While the names of these dishes aren’t as familiar to us these days, at one time they were the most popular desserts in America.

The Girl Scout Cookie: A Delicious Tradition

Get the story behind the annual event and find out how to make a batch of your own.


Rhubarb: A Love Affair

Get a taste of the 19th-century rhubarb obsession and whip up a simple rhubarb dessert at home.

Yule Log

The Delicious History of the Yule Log

‘Tis the season for rich food traditions, including that of the Christmas Yule log.

Hanukkah Sufganiyot

Frying Up Donuts for the Festival of Lights

Most people have heard of Hanukkah latkes, but did you know that jelly donuts are also a traditional holiday treat?

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Sweets and Treats

Day of the Dead celebrations often incorporate traditional foods, including skull-shaped candies.


Hole in One: Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts (Video)

Host Ian Knauer takes us through the history of donuts, which were first introduced to America by Dutch settlers.

Apple Pie

As American as Apple Pie (Video)

Host Ian Knauer explains how apple pie became an iconic American dessert as he bakes one of his own.


Classic Chocolate Brownies (Video)

Host Ian Knauer explores the ancient history of chocolate and prepares a batch of mouthwatering brownies.

Meyer Lemon Syllabub

Syllabub: Reviving a Lost Dessert

Find out about the forgotten treat known as syllabub, and whip up a batch of your own.