Hungry History

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Buy Me Some Gyoza and Bento Boxes: Japanese Ballpark Food

Baseball is wildly popular in Japan, and though the game is almost the same, the stadium food is very, very different.

Shaved Ice

The Colorful History of Shaved Ice

As the summer temperatures rise, so do our cravings for icy treats to beat the heat. Get the low down on snow cones, snowballs and Italian ice.

Perilous Produce

Perilous Produce

Find out about fruits and vegetables once considered poisonous, including cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes.


Desecrated Vegetables: The Hardships of Civil War Eating

When you think of military food, the word “delicious” doesn’t often come to mind. We’re’re taking a look back at the food that fed hungry troops, both the blue and the grey, during the American Civil War.

Jelly Doughnut

I Am a Jelly Doughnut–Or Am I?

Fifty years ago this month, John F. Kennedy made either the most important speech of the Cold War era or the most well known pastry-related blunder of all time.


From Humble to Haute: Lobster’s Climb to the Top

Lobster has held a place of honor at countless festive feasts and special occasions for well over a century—but that wasn’t always the case.


Hungry History: Thomas Jefferson’s Ice Cream (Video)

Who brought ice cream to America? Find out as host Ian Knauer hand-churns a bucket of ice cream based on a beloved president’s recipe.


A Brief History of Bread

Bread, in all its various forms, is the most widely consumed food in the world.


Ahoy, Pass the Cabbage: Preserved Foods in the Age of Exploration

This week, we’ll take a look at preserved foods aboard ships, and find out how even a humble cabbage can change the course of human history.