Hungry History

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Pizzas Past and Present (Video)

Host Ian Knauer serves up pizza history, from ancient flatbreads to today’s pies.


History in a Jar: Pickles (Video)

Host Ian Knauer delves into the history and art of pickling.

Fried Chicken

A Taste of the South: Classic Fried Chicken (Video)

Host Ian Knauer tackles the epitome of Southern comfort food: golden, crisp, juicy fried chicken.


Sourdough, From Start to Finish (Video)

Host Ian Knauer bakes a crusty loaf of sourdough, thought to be the oldest kind of bread in existence.


Pasta Fit for a Founding Father (Video)

Host Ian Knauer whips up a homemade pasta dish once served by Thomas Jefferson at the White House.


Hole in One: Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts (Video)

Host Ian Knauer takes us through the history of donuts, which were first introduced to America by Dutch settlers.

Apple Pie

As American as Apple Pie (Video)

Host Ian Knauer explains how apple pie became an iconic American dessert as he bakes one of his own.


Classic Chocolate Brownies (Video)

Host Ian Knauer explores the ancient history of chocolate and prepares a batch of mouthwatering brownies.

Lobster Roll

Two Paths to Lobster Roll Perfection (Video)

Host Ian Knauer explores the history of lobster and whips up two takes on the traditional lobster roll.