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Thomas Jefferson's recipe for vanilla ice cream

Thomas Jefferson: America’s Pioneering Gourmand

Founding Father, author of the Declaration of Independence, third president of the United States, appropriator of the Louisiana Purchase, gastronome…?


Hungry History: Thomas Jefferson’s Ice Cream (Video)

Who brought ice cream to America? Find out as host Ian Knauer hand-churns a bucket of ice cream based on a beloved president’s recipe.


Lunch With Libby: Peas

HISTORY’s chief historian fills us in on green peas, which were served by the Romans and beloved by Thomas Jefferson.


Pasta Fit for a Founding Father (Video)

Host Ian Knauer whips up a homemade pasta dish once served by Thomas Jefferson at the White House.

Presidential Chefs

Cooking for the Commander-in-Chief: The First Presidential Chefs

Meet the cooks who prepared meals for the early U.S. presidents, often working under conditions that were anything but glamorous.