History In The Headlines


Prehistoric Monsters of the Deep: Slideshow

From sharks bigger than a bus to giant sea scorpions, explore some of the largest and most fearsome marine creatures of the past.


Titanic’s First Victim Gets Headstone At Last

After more than 100 years, an Irish teen who died while working on Titanic and is thought to be the ship’s first victim has a headstone for his grave.


The Music Video, Before Music Television

On MTV’s 30th anniversary, explore the history of the music video, which stretches back to the late 19th century.

Tombs of the Apostles

Tombs of the Apostles: Slideshow

As archaeologists announce the discovery of what they believe to be St. Philip’s tomb, find out where some of the other apostles are thought to have been buried.

Miguel de Cervantes

In Search of “Don Quixote” Creator’s Lost Bones

Experts are scouring a Madrid convent for the remains of Miguel de Cervantes, hoping to reconstruct the author’s face and determine his cause of death.

Knights Templar

Who Were the Knights Templar?

Get the facts on the mysterious medieval order known as the Knights Templar, which was dissolved 700 years ago but has recently made news headlines.

Amy Winehouse

Music Legends Who Lived Fast and Died at 27: Slideshow

On July 23, Amy Winehouse became the latest in a long list of musicians who died at 27.

Wind Towers

Keeping Cool Through the Ages: Slideshow

As temperatures soar in many regions of the United States, find out how people beat the heat when cranking up the A/C wasn’t an option.

First Battle of Bull Run

Remembering the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)

HISTORY’s chief historian answers questions about the Civil War’s first major land battle, which took place 150 years ago today.

Medieval Armor

In Shining Armor, Medieval Knights May Not Have Shone

Heavy armor may have been medieval knights’ worst enemy, according to new research.


Introducing Your Inner Neanderthal

As evidence grows that many people may be part Neanderthal, get the facts on humans’ newfound ancestors.

Artifacts from Shipwreck

Ancient Medicines From Shipwreck Shed Light on Life in Antiquity

Researchers have used DNA sequencing to unlock the secrets of 2,000-year-old medicines found in a shipwreck.


Caligula Statue Seized From Looters Is Unveiled

A statue thought to depict the notorious emperor Caligula may have led experts to a long-lost imperial palace.