History In The Headlines


Does a Guatemala Lake Contain Mayan Treasure?

Is priceless Mayan gold hiding in the depths of Guatemala’s Lake Izabal?


Did Blood Cause Henry VIII’s Madness and Reproductive Woes?

Biological factors may have caused Henry VIII’s madness and reproductive woes, new research suggests.


Did Vikings Use Crystals to Navigate?

New research suggests that the mythic sunstones used by seafaring Vikings were polarizing crystals that helped them navigate under overcast skies.


Japan Pledges to Find Remains of Iwo Jima Dead

Japan has vowed to locate the remains of an estimated 12,000 troops still missing since the Battle of Iwo Jima.


At the Oscars, History Wins Big

Movies based on real-life figures and historical events have proven a success at the Academy Awards.


Romances That Changed History

For better or for worse, these historic romances altered the course of history.


Frank Buckles, Last U.S. World War I Vet, Dies at 110

Frank Buckles, America’s last surviving World War I veteran, has died at age 110.


Trove of Thomas Jefferson’s Books Discovered

Dozens of books that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson have surfaced at Washington University in St. Louis, where they have been keeping a low profile for 131 years.


Beer from 19th-Century Shipwreck May Be Brewed Again

Finnish researchers hope to crack the recipe of 200-year-old beer found in a Baltic shipwreck and recreate it for today’s drinkers.


Major Mob Busts in U.S. History

We take a look at some of the most significant Mafia busts in the history of the organized crime network.


World War II Memo Cracked by Allies Found

Volunteers at the former codebreaking center Bletchley Park have found a memo proving the success of the Allies’ game-changing deception campaign during World War II.


William Wallace: The Real Robin Hood?

Was Scottish knight William Wallace of “Braveheart” fame the inspiration behind the legend of Robin Hood?


World War II Hero from “Band of Brothers” Dies

Dick Winters, whose bravery and heroism during World War II were chronicled in the book and television series “Band of Brothers,” has died at 92.