• The Appalachian Giant

    Premiere Date:November 22, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    The Appalachian Mountains are a region of incredible beauty and amazing legends. One such legend tells of a terrifying giant with a 7-clawed hand who left his mark on a massive rock. This incredible rock is sacred to Cherokee people who revere the artifact for its intriguing symbols and cultural significance. Others say the symbols aren't Native, but may be connected to visitors from afar–perhaps from over the ocean or from another world. Trying to set the record straight on this controversial stone, Scott Wolter heads to Appalachia. As Scott tries to determine the age of the carvings, he discovers the stone may have strange and mystical powers. He also learns that this isn't the only massive artifact in the region–the connection between the two may lead to a "giant" conclusion.

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  • Guardians of Superstition Mountain

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    Premiere Date:November 15, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is the most famous lost mine in American history. It was supposedly discovered and kept secret by a German immigrant named Jacob Waltz in the 19th century, hence the "Dutchman" name. Is a true story or tall tale? The mine is rumored to lie somewhere near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, and treasure hunters have been trying to find this mine of untold riches for more than a century. Scott Wolter decides to team up with some of these folks and offer his assistance after realizing the key to solving the mystery of the mine may lie in understanding a mysterious map carved into a series of stones called the Peralta stones. In the end, what will they find?

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  • Secrets from the Alamo

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    Premiere Date:November 08, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    Davy Crockett was an American legend immortalized in frontier folklore for being the last one standing at the Alamo during the fight against Mexico. It was there Crockett is said to have met his heroic end. However, new evidence suggests that’s not the case. An Alabama man contacts Scott Wolter about a land claim allegedly signed by Crockett–nearly 20 years after his death! As Scott investigates, he learns more about Crockett’s life, membership in a secret society and involvement in the Texas Revolution at the Alamo. There, Scott discovers that the history books may be wrong when it comes to Crockett’s fate and that the frontiersman’s enemy, General Santa Anna, may have saved Crockett’s life in a stunning twist of fate.

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