Bryan Spangler

Since Bryan Spangler was a kid, he has emulated his father–famed daredevil Spanky Spangler–and has always wanted to step into his dad’s shoes. Spangler is 32 years old and married with four children. His wife Krystal tolerates the stunts he performs out on the road with Spanky, but at home she worries about her husband’s safety. She wishes that Bryan would forswear the dangerous trajectory of his father’s career and stay in Phoenix, where he runs a thriving construction business, but the daredevil road calls to him.

Spanky says of his son, “He has the skills, but he’s skinny, see. I’m thick. My bones are tough as steel. I worry that he can’t take the hits.” Yet whenever they perform together, Bryan continues to amaze his father and the crowds. Bryan Spangler was born into this business; he is, and always will be, a daredevil.