Mr. Dizzy

Mike Buse, “Mr. Dizzy,” got his name during a race–his car was spun out by another driver and, rather than quit the race, Dizzy whipped the car into reverse and brought it around the final turn and down the homestretch to a winning finish. He began performing his first stunts on Independence Day in the early 2000s, after years of watching Spanky Spangler, Bryan Carson and other daredevils thrill audiences on live TV and in person. Early on, Mr. Dizzy became known for jumping school buses and later limousines. Since then, he’s ventured into even more creative territory to entertain live crowds. Four years ago, he teamed up with Josh “The Crusher” Beckel, and they began traveling and performing stunts together as Dizzy taught his young protégé the ropes of being a working daredevil. In 2012, Mr. Dizzy and the rest of his crew at the Crash Factory performed over 100 stunts, and they are poised to assume the mantle as the most professional, hardest-charging daredevil crew in the country.