About Ax Men

Timber markets have reached new heights, and logging companies are pushing harder than ever to cash in. Falling trees, bone-crushing equipment, razor sharp lines, lack of attention and sometimes just freak accidents can kill a logger in an instant. Every day, there is a fine line between production and safety. Ax Men tells the story of the men who risk their lives to provide America with much-needed timber.

In Season 7, man and machine collide in an all-out logging war. From the Pacific Northwest to the Deep South, every team is after one thing: green gold worth millions of dollars. With lives and livelihoods on the line, this season will be the most explosive ever.

In Washington, reigning champ Rygaard Logging is back and ready to defend its title, but keeping the crown isn’t going to be easy. Gabe’s father retired last season, and this season he is starting from scratch with an all-new crew of greenhorns. After a rocky start to the season, Gabe is forced to bring in his brother, Jason, who is bigger in both size and personality. When things go right, the two are an unstoppable force, but when things go wrong, they have a history of putting each other in the hospital. To add to an already explosive situation, this year’s newcomer, Oakes Logging, aims to dethrone the two-year champ as the team literally invades Gabe’s job site and logs side-by-side with Rygaard in a fight to the bloody end.

In Alaska, after last year’s season-ending work stoppage, Papac Alaska is ready to defeat its archrivals and regain the crown. To get back in the game, though, Mike Papac has taken on the most dangerous job in company history; a job that has already devoured two other logging outfits and is considered by many to be “un-loggable.”

In the south, Shelby Stanga gets the order of a lifetime that could make him a millionaire, but when his trusted assistant, Belinda, is injured for the season, Shelby finds himself in over his head. On the other side of the bayou, newcomers Ron Jones and his twin brother Don of Ax-Cut Timber look to cash in on Shelby’s shortcomings and make names for themselves in the deadly game of Cypress swamp logging.

Just next door in Florida, the Dreadknots are the underdogs in a territorial battle with the older, wiser and better-equipped Chapman Logging. The winner will control the water logging for the entire northern half of Florida.

This fall, seven crews duke it out in what will be the toughest, most dangerous season of their careers. They risk everything to do the impossible: conquer a mountain and live to tell the tale.