Ax Men

The Ax Men are back… In the fourth season, new crews from Alaska and British Columbia–Lemare Lake Logging and Papac Alaska Logging–work the heavily wooded islands that dot the Pacific coastline. Black bears, big lumber and a lack of real roads constantly challenge their ability to conquer one of North America’s final frontiers. Up here, the work doesn’t end when the trees hit the ground. Also joining Ax Men are the teams who struggle to barge these mammoth logs downriver. It’s a critical task and time is of the essence. Olson Marine, a unique tugboat operation in Alaska, transports millions of dollars in timber from remote logging sites to sawmills, but standing between point A and point B are hundreds of miles of the most volatile waters and unpredictable weather in the world.

In the mountains of Washington and Oregon, father-and-son team Gabe and Craig Rygaard return again to battle nemesis and reigning top dog J.M. Browning. Pihl Logging is also back and they’ve hired a new greenhorn: Leah Proctor. She’s worked as a forest firefighter for years and is ready to prove that she can keep pace with the boys.

Down south, Shelby Stanga is back and has his sights set on the biggest logs in the Louisiana swamp… but to claim them, he’ll need help.  With a cast of sidekicks as colorful as he is, will this be the year Shelby saves his sinking empire?  Next door in Florida, James Smith goes another round with Joe Collins and crew, while James’ dad Jimmy decides he’s not giving up so easy.

Eight crews embark on the toughest season of their careers, but only one will be… King of the Mountain.