Ax Men

Ax Men returns for its fifth groundbreaking season, telling the story of the men who risk their lives to provide America with the timber it needs to build cities and towns. This year, the playing field is bigger than ever, stretching from the remote islands of Alaska to the majestic ranges of Montana; from the murky depths of northern Florida to Louisiana’s gator territory; and from the dense woods of the Northeast to the rolling hills of Virginia. As always, the men are after one thing: green gold worth millions of dollars. With lives and livelihoods on the line, this year’s race to be King of the Mountain will be more explosive than ever.

The reigning champs from Papac Alaska Logging are back to defend last year’s title, but the competition is coming from all directions. In Washington, father-and-son team Gabe and Craig Rygaard have a plan to double their production—but it just might double their troubles as well. In Oregon, cutter Levi Brown is forming his own company of young guns, but before they take a shot at the title they’ll have to prove to their investors that they have what it takes to play with the big boys. From Montana comes Siderius Logging, a group of opinionated and charismatic cowboys who want to show the world that not only can they hang with the West Coast crowd, they can beat them at their own game.

Down south, Shelby Stanga is back with a revolving crew of assistants. From wife Donna and cousin Belinda to a guy called the Hog Man, the only thing more unpredictable than a day in the swamp is a day with these characters. Next door in Florida, Jimmy and James Smith also return for another round with Swilley and new rival Uncle Buck. And on the East Coast, teams of ox and horse loggers go hoof to hoof, putting their reputations and their families on the line. Each crew will have to face their rivals, Mother Nature and the challenge of doing the impossible: conquering a mountain and living to tell the tale.