Ax Men, Wisconsin Woodchuck

Every year, logging claims the lives of nearly 100 Americans. Falling trees, bone-crushing equipment, razor-sharp cables and, sometimes, just freak accidents—any of these can kill a logger in an instant. Logging ranks as one of America’s most dangerous jobs, yet loggers know the risk and still choose to take it every day. Ax Men tells the story of the men who put it all on the line every day to provide America with the timber it needs to build its cities and towns.

From mountaintop to river’s bottom, Ax Men returns for its sixth groundbreaking season. This year, the playing field is bigger than ever—from the remote islands of Alaska to the majestic beauty of Montana and the massive forests of Canada, from the murky depths of northern Florida to Louisiana’s gator territory and the high plains of Wisconsin. All these loggers are after one thing–green gold worth millions of dollars. With lives and livelihoods on the line, this year’s race to be king of the mountain will be more explosive than ever.

Reigning champs Rygaard are back to defend their title, but the competition is coming from all directions. In Alaska, Papac is back and looking to reclaim the title. From Canada, Lemare Lake Logging returns to take another crack at the Dock Creek site that defeated them two years ago. In Oregon, Big Gun Logging is also stepping up their game to throw down with the big boys.

Down south, Shelby Stanga is back with a revolving crew of assistants. From wife Donna and cousin Belinda to his fearless niece Stephanie, the only thing more unpredictable than a day in the swamp is a day with these characters. Next door in Florida, Jimmy and James Smith set out to conquer a new river, but they’ve got company in the young, whip-smart Dreadknots. And from the Midwest, a new type of logger emerges: the Wisconsin Woodchucks are harvesting 100-year-old wood from a crumbling building, and it could all come crashing down with just one wrong move.

This summer, eight crews will embark on the toughest season of their careers. They will be tested by the elements, by each other and by their own desire to do the impossible—conquer Mother Nature and live to tell the tale.