J.M. Browning Logging

Ax Men, J.M. Browning Logging

“The King of the Mountain”

Browning Logging is now and has always been “the one to beat.” Known for hiring the best men, putting them to work on the best equipment and expecting miracles in return, owner Jay Browning has built his million-dollar empire over decades of hard work and personal sacrifice.

This season, Browning is out to tackle the jobs its competitors can’t or won’t. Jesse Browning returns to lead his team through their most harrowing work, hoping to finally prove to his father that he has what it takes to fill his shoes. But with nearly impossible expectations to meet and personal tragedy to overcome, this season will push Jesse to his breaking point.

If Jesse is up to the challenge, Browning will prove once and for all that they are the indisputable Kings of the Mountain, but the faster the crew works, the more difficult it is to outrun the dangers that plague this industry.

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